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White Wishes is the solo-project of Nikita Pavlov‘s conjuring of daydreams, cold Berlin winters and warmth of sincerity into simple pop songs. continue→

Having come from a small town near St. Petersburg in Russia, Nikita escaped to Berlin where he met Australian bass player Andrew Knox during the winter of 2010. They quickly recorded a group of songs before Andrew had to move back to Sydney, where he later joined the band “Made In Japan”. These recordings ended up being the “Hold Your Hand” single that was released for free online.

In the same year, Nikita returned to Russia where he then completed his first EP titled “Today” and had the songs fine tuned with the help of a friend named Maxim Polivanov of the band Motorama.

The winter is just beginning and White Wishes is the perfect companion to bring an extra bit of light to the shortness of day.

White Wishes will release their international debut as part of Shelflife Record’s “1000 Series” in Spring 2011, which will feature some new and re-worked older recordings.

For fans of Galaxie 500, Felt, St. Christopher, The Radio Dept., Tears Run Rings, The Legendary Bang

Praise for White Wishes:

“Happy and Afraid was the first song I heard and I was hooked. The EP is the perfect backdrop to the wintry weather that many, including me, are experiencing right now. The songs give off a dreamy, shoegaze-y sound with floating vocals and guitars from Nikita.”
– Killahbeez

“Sounding like a cross between Minks and Real Estate, White Wishes continues to deliver relaxed tunes coursing dreamy guitar riffs and oozing soothing vocals.”
– Escucharemos

“…the perfect soundtrack to the recent snowy weather we have been enjoying here in northern England. It is reminiscent in parts of bands like The Field Mice and Galaxy 500 but also has it’s own sound which is very much today.”
– Burning World

“I’m not often at a loss for words when it comes to music, but regarding White Wishes let me say this: if this is what they are choosing to just give away, the official release should be phenomenal.”
– Tympanogram

“The lush and airy vocals soar right over the big reverb-y percussion, as the jangly guitar-hook sits quietly in the background. It’s warm and inviting, a gentle touch.”
– Flashlight Tag

“Here’s a wintery song for the wintery weather. White Wishes come from Berlin, and play in a style similar to Deerhunter or Minks maybe. Stay warm and comfy during the snow attack, everyone.”
– Zen Tapes

“…absolute gem from a German band called White Wishes. I know nothing about them, but this has a touch of shoegaze, a touch of dream pop and for all it didn’t grab me immediately, the band match The Scottish Enlightenment’s knack of letting a song have time to sink in, rather than rushing to splash the Big Main Riff all over the place as soon as possible.”
– Song By Toad

White Wishes es el proyecto solista de Nikita Pavlov, un conjuro de sueños, fríos inviernos de Berlín, y el calor de la sinceridad en simples canciones pop. Procedente de un pequeño pueblo cerca de San Petersburgo en Rusia, Nikita se escapó a Berlín donde se reunió con el bajista australiano Andrew Knox durante el invierno de 2010. Rápidamente grabaron un puñado de canciones antes que Andrew regresara a Sydney, donde más tarde se uniría a la banda “Made In Japan”. Estas grabaciones terminaron siendo el single “Hold Your Hand” lanzado online gratuitamente.

En el mismo año, Nikita volvió a Rusia, donde completó su primer EP titulado “Today” con la ayuda de Maxim Polivanov de Motorama.

El invierno acaba de empezar y White Wishes es el compañero perfecto para llevar un poco más de luz a la brevedad de los días.

Recomendable para fans de Galaxie 500, Felt, St. Christopher, The Radio Dept., Tears Run Rings, The Legendary Bang.


Elogios para White Wishes:

“Happy and Afraid fué la primera canción que escuché y me ha enganchado. El EP es el escenario perfecto para el clima invernal que muchos, incluido yo, estamos experimentando ahora mismo. Las canciones desprenden un sonido dreamy, shoegaze de voces y guitarras flotantes de Nikita. “
– Killahbeez