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Si nadie me hubiera dicho que The Trees & The Wild es una banda de Yakarta, Indonesia, yo no lo sabría. Hubiera pensado que son alguna banda indie de Nueva York haciendo rondas en algún bailable club de jazz o una de esas bandas en aumento del folk canadiense alternativo.

Joanna & Co. abrió para ellos durante un show reciente en la tienda de Badger. Todavía estoy ahora en este momento, obsesionado por los Trees y su acústico en Badger. Es muy difícil para mi clasificarlos, a veces sonaba como un indie pop lo-fi, y otras veces con un ambiente épico post-rock, pero también sonaba muy alternativo y popular con algunas pizcas de jazz juguetón.

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If nobody would have told me that The Trees and The Wild is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia, I wouldn’t know. I would have thought that they are either some New York indie band making rounds at some hip jazzy club or one of those rising Canadian alternative-folk band. I went to they show not knowing what to aspect, and what a pleasant surprise that was.

Joanna & Co. opened for them during the recent show at Badger shop to a sizable crowd. The crowds starts to really build up later on when it was Trees and The Wild turn. Some of them had come for more after had seeing them just the day before at Limkokwing University Monophone 2011 event. This time it’s a smaller venue organized by Frinjan and hosted by Badger, a renown street wear fashion brand in Malaysia.

I am still now at this moment haunted by The Trees and The Wild acoustic performance at Badger. It’s quite difficult for my to classified them, than again some artist transcends genres. At times they sounded like a low-fi indie pop and at other times there is an epic post-rock vibe to it, they also sounded very alternative-folk and sometime there is a pinch of playful jazz in their music.

Frontman Remedy Waloni vocals, and at times mix with a haunting female vocal goes well with the rhythmic guitar rave , the music complements each other perfectly. They themselves seem energetic during their performance. Folks were practically bagging for an encore when they had finished.

Halfway during their set at Badger, I just had to get their CD, and I’ve been listening to them ever since. The album itself is a masterpiece. Their songs are unpredictable. You might think that they are slowing taking you on one direction and it changes direction almost instantly.

The first track has no title, just some ambient noise that builds up to an explosive start for the next song on the list ‘Verdure’. ‘Honeymoon On Ice’ have a folk-music-ish sounding to it. I also love the instrumental set ‘Our Roots’ there is a part on it that will stick in your head and you’ll be humming it for the rest of the day. Other notable tracks on their album ‘Rasuk’ are ‘Berlin’, ‘Irish Girl’ and ‘Fight The Future’.

It’s difficult for me to describe their music, but frontman Remedy Waloni describe calls it “Somber Tropical”. Check out this Vimeo video of one of their performance.

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