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Porcelain Raft (también conocido como Mauro Remiddi) es un singer/songwriter y multiinstrumentista romano, de austero dream pop, que actualmente tiene su hogar, y su música en Londres.

Él toca sus canciones, con segmentos grabados (algunos en vivo al estilo Juana Molina), utilizando guitarras, teclados, sintetizadores, loops y samples. Remiddi también compone scores, como el que fuera ganador del “Davide di Donatello” (equivalente del cine italiano de los Oscar) al mejor cortometraje, La Matta dei Fiori.

Las pistas musicales fijadas por Porcelain Raft son algunos de los mejores que tiene para ofrecer el género, con melodías intrincadas y pistas que se entrecruzan con delicadas guitarras, keys y componentes electrónicos. Las voces son resecas y apagadas, casi como a punto de caer al suelo y romperse en pedazos.

El Ep de 5 canciones va desde el dulce “Images from the Light House” y la maravillosa “Everything from Your Hands,” a la espeluznante e inquietante “This is Not Our Home.”

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Porcelain Raft (AKA Mauro Remiddi) is a Rome, Italy born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, dream pop autere who currently makes his home, and his music in London.

He plays all of his songs live for his albums as they’re recorded, using guitars, keyboards, synths, samples, and loops. As an aside, Remiddi was the winner of a 1997 “Davide di Donatello” (the Italian cinema’s equivalent of an Oscar) for best short film, La Matta dei Fiori, for which he composed the music.

He’s just released the Fountain’s Head EP. The musical tracks laid down by Porcelain Raft are some of the finest the genre has to offer, with intricate melodies and tracks that interlace the fine guitar playing with keyboards and electronic components. The vocals are whispy, off key, almost ready to fall to the floor, and be smashed to pieces. Perhaps purposefully, perhaps not – the style add an edge.

The album’s songs range from the sweet “Images from the Light House” and the wonderful “Everything from Your Hands,” to the creepy and unsettling “This is Not Our Home.” We’ve included “Images” and “Everything” below. Check out the Porcelain Raft links to the right for more music on his bandcamp and other pages.

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